Your court sings of its daring
Any of these eager knights
Rise so fierce so wild
And give a blow, and take a blow

Wowayn hefted the axe
Then quickly brought it down
The blade cut through bones and skin
And split the green man's neck

He held his head high
Moved his lips and spoke
Hunt me well until
You find me Wowayn

Find the green chapel
On next New year's Day
Then come or be called
A coward forever more

Danger is yours to overcome
And this game brings you
Danger, can the game be won

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense

Nowhere near home, friendless now
At every ford, over every stream
Facing enemies so fowl
Forcing him to fight for his life

Lord, grant me good lodging he cried
The lord took him, set him at his side and said
What I earn in the woods will be yours
What you win will be mine in exchange

Great broad arrows flying
Cutting deep in brown hides
Hah, they screamed and bled
And high on slopes they died

My lord in the woods
Your door shut and locked
Now decide our path
Your pleasure is my command

Three kisses to his cheek
By Christ, said the lord
These must be merry hunting
If the price is right

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense

If my ring is too rich a gift
Then take my belt
This green lace locked around him
No blow, no trick, nothing can hurt him
He hid her love-gift in a safe place
Then he went to the chapel

The green man lifted that huge axe
Pretended to swing straight at his neck
But the knight looked to the side
And he pulled his shoulders back

The green man laughed as a madman
Let Arthur's knighthood save your neck
The blade to the bare flesh
With a nick that snipped the skin
I could have dealt you a better blow
One stroke, a threat, a joke

An honest man need never fear
But still, the third day
There in my castle, you failed
And you felt that here