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Order any CD (of the 10 released, see side menu) and available Fashion product through the Social & Legal page, and get a SPECiAL OFFER without engagement by iCE KiNG himself!
Worldwide shipping!
Purchase directly by transfer/remittance (no fee!), or through PayPal (plus fee)
Also available at iCE KiNG Concerts, other meetings and his very headquarters!

As principles are realised of ultra-realistic recording, iCE KiNG can actually perform his epics, preferably even on stage, as proven and ripened by hundreds of absolutely unique and magic occasions, spanning till before the internet domination, with its generalised attention deficit, narrow-minded herd fetishism and dito superficial/-visual takeover
No holy link shall ever be able to replace the essence of iCE KiNG, or even come near to the iCE KiNG spectrum, depth and quality experienced live at the iCE KiNGDOM or equivalent
With about 10 hours of the most diverse and intense music that iCE KiNG makes, a playlist, style of play and equipment can be distilled suit for nearly every context:
Quite like your egg, "medium", "soft" and/or "hard"
Entirely in English, in other languages and/or instrumental
Fully electric, semi-acoustic and/or acoustic
For any age, neurotype or galaxy
But always art that is entertaining instead of entertainment that is not art

Not cutting the middleman

Order any iCE KiNG CD, and taste and order selected digitised albums and non-audio products, at icekingbe.bandcamp.com (plus fee)
Order any iCE KiNG CD and selected non-audio products at ebay.com/usr/basverdin (plus fee)
Order any iCE KiNG CD at discogs.com/seller/basverdin (plus fee),
and at Amazon Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States from seller Verdin (plus fee)

Belgian middlemen
Independent physical shops with guaranteed iCE KiNG CD stock: Consouling Store, De Witte Non, Juke-box, Mark Sound, Plato, Pro Music Shop Tenuto, Sax World Music, The Rocking Bull Shop
Provincial application platforms with overly accessible material: vi.be/iceking (Flemish) and court-circuit.band/ice-king (Walloon)

Against the stream(ing)

Yes, most iCE KiNG albums are digitised on the major music streaming platforms which he precedes, through so-called CD Baby (often as "Ice King")
No, iCE KiNG does not promote these, as both ethically and aesthetically detrimental
There is no coin as small as a stream, and there is no art experience as hollow as a streaming platform

Yes, scarce iCE KiNG footage is on the dominating artificial tube which he precedes (@icekingbe or /icekingbest)
No, iCE KiNG does not promote this, as both ethically and aesthetically detrimental
Besides, iCE KiNG is a musician, not a filmmaker
This does not contradict that iCE KiNG ought be listened to as if one is at the movies indeed, absent disruption or distraction and at a tolerably high volume on qualitative equipment
Even then, quite a few are to meditate first to overcome the noise of the day, as well as the assumptions which child audiences have in fact proven to suffer far less from