Ónly listen to iCE KiNG when there is no disruption or distraction whatsoever, at a tolerably high volume and with a bass-friendly device, in short: as if you are at the movies
Even then, many are to meditate first to overcome the noise of the assumptions of the day


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Remember, Lords and Ladies, real art is free - not fór free

Dust, without which many a so-called homo sapiens of the last decade seems to be completely lost

(Not quite) Belgian provincialism

Pandemic YouTuberculosis
(Solely because the url extension /icekingbe was 2 letters short for them!)


No link shall ever replace the essence of iCE KiNG, or even come near to the iCE KiNG spectrum and depth

With about 10 hours of the most diverse and intense music that iCE KiNG makes, a playlist, style of play and equipment can be distilled suit for nearly every human context!

Quite like your egg: medium, soft and/or hard
Entirely in English, in other languages and/or instrumental
Full electric, semi-acoustic and/or acoustic